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  • 1988
    Hello, FinLab.
    Like the musical instrument, FInLab’s business plan centered around the ability to expand and contract. We recognized the need for a flexible financial consulting model (both for clients and talent) – and in November 1988, we opened our doors. Well…technically they weren’t “our” doors, but we were lucky to have some generous friends who shared their office space.
  • 2010
    Houston, we have a client.
    …and not just any client. The U.S. LT hired FinLab in April 2010 – entrusting us to develop investment models that would enable predictions as to which research grants would yield the most value. As they say in the LT, anchors aweigh!
  • 2011
    The big move.
    By March 2011, we outgrew the corner office we had been borrowing from one of our investors. Enough clients had taken a chance on us that we were ready to take a major chance on ourselves. So we packed our bags and headed south – opening an office of our own at 270 Lafayette (in SoHo).
  • 2012
    Our first sponsor.
    In the early years of FinLab, we were still figuring out what we wanted to be when we grew up. We hadn’t yet narrowed our focus to service private equity-backed companies – but the fall of 2012 marked a turning point. Providence Equity became our very first sponsor client.
  • 2015
    Our 100th engagement.
    By August 2015 we landed our 100th client engagement. Of course it’s about quality over quantity, but we’re proud of the many lasting client relationships we’ve created.
  • 2018
    Meet Maestro.
    New year, new product. At the start of 2018, FinLab launched Maestro: the first technology platform designed to institutionalize a private equity firm’s approach to value creation within their portfolio companies. Uniting best-in-class playbooks with a task management solution and data benchmarking, Maestro fosters stronger communication (and better alignment) among Sponsors and Management teams.

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